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Android Unity Noice

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There is a very short noise when the app moves from background to foreground.

I called the function according to the Wwise manual.

in pause i called AkSoundEngine.Suspend(false)

and in resume i called AkSoundEngine.WakeupFromSuspend(), AkSoundEngine.RenderAudio()

But it make some noise!!! When the scene is first loaded, And When returning from the background to the foreground

The device in the video is the Galaxy S9+, And the same noise comes out on the Galaxy Note 7

There was no noise on the Galaxy 7 and Galaxy S20.

Please help me. I get very stressed out of this bug at work.

Wwise Version : 2019.1.6

Unity Version : 2019.3.13f1

link :

The moments of noise occurring in the video are 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 seconds.

And this problem occurs a lot with many Android applications that use wwise. (Ex : Bubble Chef (Link :
asked Sep 11 in Feature Requests by SooHong C. (100 points)

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