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Open in Unity Grayed

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Small problem which I can not find the solution:
I am working on a Unity project. When I download it from the cloud, the project is in version 2017 and the Wwise Launcher allows me to open it and associate it with the Wwise project. But in fact, the Unity project has since moved to version 2019.2.15 and when I update it, the Wwise Launcher grayed out the "Open in Unity" button. Wwise is available but the two projects are no longer associated ...
I don't understand how to do it at all.
I spent the day on it .. I'm demoralized


asked Sep 15 in General Discussion by Théophile Demarcq (540 points)
... and I just realized that we couldn't use Remote Connections. On the status it is written "Different Version (2019.1)" and the "Connect" button is gray ...
... the strangest thing is that it works on Windows (no problem in the Wwise Launcher, the 2 projects are well associated) but not on Mac!..

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