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How to reduce data churn when using event based packaging in UE4

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When using event based packaging, I've noticed that during the sound data generation, UE4 likes to mark a lot of AkMediaAssets as being changed, (therefore needing to be submitted to source control).

I am seeing this when I don't have changes to the source files, but with authoring changes to things like volume, positioning etc.

So, the net result is that a volume change results in all these source file assets being changed too, causing a lot of file and data churn on the source control server.

I know that this would be the case anyway with the old soundbank workflow, but I thought that event based packaging would allow for the media and the structures to be much more granular?

I was thinking that these AkMediaAssets are essentially the wem files, so I was wondering if there is any way of setting up and using event based packaging which would avoid the need to constantly check out/in hundreds of media file assets because of simple authoring changes?

On latest wwise and UE4 (2019.2.5, UE4.25)

asked Sep 21, 2020 in General Discussion by Simon G. (150 points)
Have the same problem.

Now we have to run without source control to avoid freeze during sound data generation, and then commits a hundred of modified wwise assets every time.

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