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After enabling Event Based Packaging, must "Generate Audio Data" Every time Unreal is opened.

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What it says in the title. I am on 2019.2.4(7329).

Followed the steps to enable Event Based Packaging, got rid of all my old Banks, both locally and out on our source control.

Everything works fine once I have generated audio, but, it has to be done every time Unreal is opened before audio will play in the editor.I saw someone else respond to a different question saying they were having this particular issue and fixed it, but not WHAT they did, and I was hoping someone had some advice.
asked Sep 21, 2020 in General Discussion by Joshua S. (100 points)

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We had this problem with our music, which used a switch container.  I fixed it by changing UAkAssetDataSwitchContainer::loadSwitchContainer to not check the GroupValue pointer.  It doesn't seem necessary, and in our case it was set to null.  We also had a problem with localised audio not playing, because the language was set to "" by default, so wwise didn't play anything.  I don't remember if generating banks would temporarily fix that, but we changed the default language to something valid and it works now.
answered Sep 22, 2020 by David B. (180 points)