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Why does my Unity project keep forgetting the wwise project settings very frequently. Why is this happening?

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My Unity project (v. 2018.4.17, set to iOS build) keeps losing/forgetting the wwise project settings all the time -- either when I restart Unity or just during a Unity session. Any idea why this is happening? It takes up a lot of time trying to reset everything (because I also seem to need to reload Unity for the settings to take effect), and means audio doesn't work a lot of the time. 

Any suggestions for why this might be?

asked Oct 7, 2020 in General Discussion by Mitu K. (100 points)

1 Answer

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I'm seeing the same thing on Unity 2018.3.40 and haven't found any info about this issue aside from this one post. I'll keep watching here and will post back if I find any solutions.
answered Jan 21 by Larsson B. (140 points)
I just came across what seems to be a solution in Manesh's post here -

In AkWwiseXmlWatcher's constructor, move the line that sets XmlWatcher.Path above the line that sets XmlWatcher.EnableRaisingEvents.