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Unity integration 2014.1: Should AkWwiseProjectData*.asset files be added to source control?

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Hello everyone,

With the Unity integration for Wwise 2014.1 there are a bunch of AkWwiseProjectData*.asset files under Assets\Wwise\Editor\ProjectData, which didn't exist with previous versions.

Should they be added to source control, or should they be treated like local/temporary files?


Denis :-)
asked Oct 31, 2014 in General Discussion by Denis Mouraux (120 points)

1 Answer

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Salut Denis!

There should be only one AkWwiseProjectData.asset file.  In some unknown situation, Unity seems to lock the asset file and a string of duplication of this file occurs.  We haven't found any clues yet why this happen.  Simply delete all of them and then click "Populate" in the Wwise Picker.  This file is only a cache for the Wwise project data so we don't parse the wwu files all the time.  You don't need it in the source control.

Say hello to Gen! :-)
answered Nov 4, 2014 by Mathieu J. (Audiokinetic) (7,060 points)
Merci Mathieu!
(Gen says hi :-)
We are experiencing this file duplication issue and whilst I have just added the file and all of it's duplicates to .gitignore, have you had any leads on that bug? Would be nice not to have the folder rapidly filling up with 100s of files each day!

Ah, thanks a bunch for this answer!

Hadn't noticed that these files are local data caches in any integration guides so far, it's good to get a more accurate organization for version control.