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How can I remove a project from being displayed in the Recent Projects list in the Wwise Launcher?

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I have a number of projects listed in the Recent Projects list in Wwise Launcher that I don't need to open on a regular basis.  Is there a way to manually remove these from the list?  If not, how long does a project remain on this list after the last time it was opened?
asked 3 days ago in General Discussion by James N. (220 points)

1 Answer

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Hey James, 

One trick you could do is rename the folder of the Wwise Project. 

For instance, if you rename this...
SomeWwiseProject > SomeWwiseProject_WwiseProject.wproj
... to this...
SomeWwiseProject_Hidden > SomeWwiseProject_WwiseProject.wproj
... it won't show up in the Launcher. 

That said, this will probably also break the link from your e.g. Unity project.
So instead, if you want to hide an entire e.g. Unity project from the Launcher while keeping the Unity/Wwise project linked, you can rename the Unity project folder (the parent folder of your Asset folder).

Let me know if this helps!


answered 12 hours ago by Mads Maretty S. (Audiokinetic) (6,260 points)