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Wwise Unity - AkSoundEngine.dll caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005)

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Technical issue incoming. I've integrated Wwise into a Unity project and shared it with my team via SourceTree. Everything works fine, except for one programmer, whose Unity crashes as soon as Wwise is initialized through the AkInitializer component.

Any one of you ever experienced this before? We're struggling with figuring this one out. Thanks in advance!

Unity 2019.3.11.f1

Wwise 2019.2.6.7381


Here's the first few lines of the crash report.


Unity Editor by Unity Technologies [version: Unity 2019.3.11f1_ceef2d848e70]

AkSoundEngine.dll caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005)
  in module AkSoundEngine.dll at 0033:cb90a89d.

Error occurred at 2020-10-20_152306.
D:\Unity\2019.3.11f1\Editor\Unity.exe, run by sicko.

44% physical memory in use.
32702 MB physical memory [18264 MB free].
2292 MB process peak paging file [2096 MB used].
1814 MB process peak working set [1734 MB used].
System Commit Total/Limit/Peak: 22012MB/43966MB/42128MB
System Physical Total/Available: 32702MB/18264MB
System Process Count: 304
System Thread Count: 4909
System Handle Count: 158096
Disk space data for 'C:\Users\sicko\AppData\Local\Temp\Unity\Editor\Crashes\Crash_2020-10-20_132255316\': 16927744000 bytes free of 238903308288 total.

Read from location 0000000000000000 caused an access violation.
asked Oct 23, 2020 in General Discussion by Jonas L. (100 points)

For anyone searching for a solution to this problem:

Our programmer had to reformat his computer and put the Unity project into his C:/ drive, rather than an external harddrive.

Nothing else worked. It was basically some corrupted audio drivers/codecs and/or references that messed up everything, since trying out different Wwise versions on different Unity projects and builds all resulted in the same crash.

Hope this helps!

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