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Event based packaging - Media not loaded when using switch/rtpc nodes by string instead of uassets

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I, like many people it seems, am running into issues with event based packaging when using in a real world production environment.

Latest issue is lots of media not being loaded in package builds (but loading fine in editor).

Through some trial and error it seems related to switches and maybe also rtpcs..

If I have sounds inside a switch container, those media files wont be loaded in package builds of the game if I am using set switch/rtpc nodes passing in strings instead of the switch/rtpc uassets.

I assumed that we could continue to use strings for RTPC and switch nodes with strings, and that the event itself should include ALL it's media.

Is there a setting missing somewhere to make event based packaging package all the media required by an event?

asked Oct 23, 2020 in General Discussion by Simon G. (990 points)
I actually just ran into this issue (using 2021.1.4)

In my case, I have an RTPC controlling a switch. Media referencing that switch did not get loaded.

Setting the switch manually instead of having it follow the RTPC fixed the issue. Is this something that could be fixed, or is this a limitation of how far Unreal will check references when loading media?
You can keep using the RTPC if you want, you just have to make sure the switch is loaded. It could be as simple as having a UAkSwitchValue* property just there in a blueprint, or it could be something 'smart', that loads up whatever switch value is needed in the moment.

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In the Unreal Wwise integration settings, disabling the option to split switch media seemed to do the trick for me.
I had to force asset sync, clear all audio data and regenerate a few times before my "fixes" solved the problem in packages.
answered Oct 26, 2020 by Simon G. (220 points)