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How to embed Entry and Exit Cues metadata into wav files prior to importing to WWise?

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Is there a way to set Entry and Exit cues with metadata? If yes, what is the format and ID of this metadata?

A lot of DAWs like Reaper allows you to embed markers and metadata into the files on export. The ability to set Entry and exit cues right in DAW (via Markers/metadata) it would be super useful.

Has anybody tried this before?
asked Oct 24, 2020 in General Discussion by Pawel G. (170 points)

1 Answer

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I need the same thing.

An option of importing music tracks that read Markers metadata and place de cues respectively. For example a file contains two markers "in" and "out", then wwise reads that and move de Entry Cue to the "in" location and the Exit Cue to the "out"
answered Apr 20, 2022 by David T. (190 points)