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How to use Unreal c++ to trigger events/control RTPC? What I try doesn't work..

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I'm having trouble using Unreal (4.25) C++ to post events as well as control RTPCs, or use any of the other features. Blueprints is fine but I feel I don't understand the correct way to do this with C++.

Integrations are all up to date and using the correct ones as far as I can tell, integrated via the launcher.

Is there a difference between using the Wwise_IDs.h and using AK::GAMEPARAMETERS::PARAM or the name itself AK::SoundEngine::SetRTPCValue(L"Param", Value)? Where Value is a number between 0-1.

I've also tried adding an AkComponent then calling AkComponent->SetRTPCValue(L"Param", Value) and AK::SoundEngine::SetRTPCValue(L"Param", (AkRtpcValue)Value)?

Also when I use either one of these my game crashes - i'm not sure why, it looks for the AkAtomic.h file but can't find it.

Can someone give me an example of how to use Unreal c++ and Wwise instead of Blueprints / tell me what I'm doing wrong?
asked Oct 25, 2020 in General Discussion by Mirren M. (100 points)

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