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Is it possible to get Spectrum data without making a custom plugin in Unity?

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I'm wondering if it's possible to get spectrum data similarly to how you do it in Unity's built in audio engine.

In Unity you just call AudioSource.GetSpectrumData(float[] samples, int channelFFTWindow window). 

Googling around every answer from a couple years back mentions the need to make your own custom plugin or some weird workarounds to do it. Seeing as it's a feature available in Unity already, and also in FMOD (see here: I wondered if it was alreay available in Wwise.


asked Nov 11 in General Discussion by Martin P. (110 points)

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Perhaps you could try using Puredata+Heavy to create a multi-band volume meter plugin for your design.
You can see how it's done in our recent live Stream:
Located at:
Throughout the broadcast,

I showed the creation of the Puredata patch,
the download and configuration of Heavy,
and the deployment of the plugin.
This solution has some limitations,
but is perfectly fine if you are working on an experimental project!
In short,
a custom plug-in is used to take the volume of different frequency bands from the audio signal and output them as RTPC values.
Hope this can help you,
any follow-up questions are welcome to add in the following
Best regards,
Hou Chenzhong
answered Nov 11 by Hou Chenzhong (Audiokinetic) (3,730 points)
Thanks for answering! Sadly I need the exact spectrum sample, because I need to send that to a plugin to record the audio output from Wwise. It's used for replays.