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Audio Component added to an actor that's instantiated by the UChildActorComponent is 100% occluded

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Hey, we noticed a very weird behavior of an AkAudioComponent attached to an actor that gets instantiated by a UChildActorComponent. The result is that regardless of what we try, the occlusion is always at 100% on any object playing on that component. The only way to fix it is to set the occlusion update frequency to 0 to remove occlusion altogether. While this works in our case, we believe it's a bug in the Unreal integration that might trip off other people. Strangely enough, this audio component is also registered with a weird name that doesn't reflect the name of the actual actor class it's attached to, again suggesting the way this component follows a different execution flow than a component attached to a standalone actor.

Another thing to note is that this issue does not occur on test levels where the tested actor is close to the world origin point, perhaps indicating that at some point during the registration of the audio component, its occlusion position is not correct and is never updated. However, when the game is profiled using the 3d profiler in Wwise, these objects are in the correct spot, and with occlusion disabled they are played properly. This means attentuation is calculated using correct positions, but occlusion seems to use a different one. All of this is really strange and unexpected behavior.
asked Nov 20, 2020 in General Discussion by Adrian J. (210 points)
edited Nov 20, 2020 by Adrian J.

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