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Occasional Crash in Untiy Editor on Exit Playmode Wwise Version 2019.2.7.7402

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Hi, we are experiencing an occasional crash in the Unity Editor (Unity2018.4.23f1) with the latest Wwise Version 2019.2.7.7402.

Its happening like 4 out of 10 cases after playing our game in the editor for a short time and then exiting the Playmode. We did not saw this on our build game on Application.Quit yet, but we also just upgraded to wwise in our dev branch.


Unity Editor by Unity Technologies [version: Unity 2018.4.23f1_c9cf1a90e812]

Unknown caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005)
  in module Unknown at 0033:af1ea6d0.


Stack Trace of Crashed Thread 20748:
ERROR: SymGetSymFromAddr64, GetLastError: 'The specified module could not be found.' (Address: 00000000AF1EA6D0)
ERROR: SymGetModuleInfo64, GetLastError: 'A dynamic link library (DLL) initialization routine failed.' (Address: 00000000AF1EA6D0)
0x00000000AF1EA6D0 ((<unknown>)) (function-name not available)
0x00007FFB690ABF22 (AkSoundEngine) AkMonitorData::RealSizeof
0x00007FFB690BD39E (AkSoundEngine) AkMonitorData::RealSizeof
0x00007FFB690B879E (AkSoundEngine) AkMonitorData::RealSizeof
0x00007FFB690B73FC (AkSoundEngine) AkMonitorData::RealSizeof
0x00007FFB690B7FEF (AkSoundEngine) AkMonitorData::RealSizeof
0x00007FFB6910C3C1 (AkSoundEngine) CAkSpeakerPan::GetDecodingMatrixShape
0x00007FFBAE8A7034 (KERNEL32) BaseThreadInitThunk
0x00007FFBAED5CEC1 (ntdll) RtlUserThreadStart

Stacks for Running Threads:

Call Stack for Thread 17444:
0x00007FFBAEDABE24 (ntdll) ZwWaitForSingleObject
0x00007FFBAC6126EE (KERNELBASE) WaitForSingleObjectEx
0x00007FFB6910CA79 (AkSoundEngine) CAkSpeakerPan::GetDecodingMatrixShape
0x00007FFB69083C83 (AkSoundEngine) AK::SoundEngine::ClearBanks
0x000000001588F6A0 (Mono JIT Code) <unknown class>.<unknown method>()
0x000000001588F573 (Mono JIT Code) <unknown class>.<unknown method>()
0x000000001588EE2B (Mono JIT Code) <unknown class>.<unknown method>()
0x000000001588EB73 (Mono JIT Code) <unknown class>.<unknown method>()
0x000000001588E9D3 (Mono JIT Code) <unknown class>.<unknown method>()
0x0000000066EED5C8 (Mono JIT Code) <unknown class>.<unknown method>()
0x00007FFB50C4B7A0 (mono-2.0-bdwgc) mono_get_runtime_build_info
0x00007FFB50BD1882 (mono-2.0-bdwgc) mono_perfcounters_init
0x00007FFB50BDA87F (mono-2.0-bdwgc) mono_runtime_invoke


Does someone has the same issue or is this known and is it being worked on?

asked Nov 26, 2020 in General Discussion by Johannes K. (100 points)

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