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Apparent memory leak after SDK upgrade

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we are having an issue after upgrading the SDK from 2019.1.6 to 2019.2.4 where Wwise appears to leak memory according to the profiler memory tab. "Used" memory grows and shrinks as banks are loaded and unloaded but "Total reserved" just keeps growing and is never released.

Setting AkMemSettings::uMemAllocationSizeLimit to e.g. 200MB results in bank loading to fail eventually:

AK Error: Memory allocation failed: 1596356 bytes in pool 'Media' - currently allocated 209338368 / 209715200 bytes
AK Error: Insufficient Space to Load Bank
AK Error: Bank Load Failed


Amount of used memory remains under roughly 1/4 of the limit at all times. We're using the default MemoryMgr implementation initialized with default settings.

Any leads would be appreciated.

asked Nov 30, 2020 in General Discussion by Jarno L. (140 points)
Hello, we are also experiencing issues similar to this after updating to wwise 2019.2.x versions where the new memory allocator and memory categories were introduced. Did you ever get to the bottom of why this was occurring?
Hi, we got our issues resolved after upgrading to 2019.2.10.

Also, we had a minor leak in development build due to not calling AK::MemoryMgr::TermForThread() for a couple worker threads.

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