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Why Unity builds include all banks generated across all platforms ?

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My problem is simple to explain :

Using Unity, I have two scenes (A and B) in my project. Each scene starts one different bank (bank_A and bank_B) and I generate windows and android banks through Wwise.

When I build only scene A for android, the build includes all banks I previously generated, that is to say bank_A windows + bank_A android + bank_B windows + bank_B android ... so it s sized really heavy compared to what it should size...

When I delete all banks in the asset folder except the one I need, The size of the build is what it should be.


Any ideas ?


asked Nov 4, 2014 in General Discussion by Florent D. (470 points)

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This is a common Unity build issue.  Unity doesn't offer a way to select assets per platform so it includes everything in StreamingAssets.  You must have a BuildPlayer script.  Please read the help file provided with the Wwise/Unity integration, in the section "Build for target plaform".  There is an example of such build script provided.
answered Nov 4, 2014 by Mathieu J. (Audiokinetic) (7,120 points)
selected Nov 18, 2014 by Florent D.
Ok thx I'll check it out !!