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Plugin 'Wwise' failed to load because module 'akaudio' could not be found.

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I'm using UE4.25, and using Wwise installed as a game plug-in, from the Wwise integration manager. I was using Crankcase Audio REV 2, integrated perfectly in the editor using the new WAAPI feature. However, when I package for windows and startup the executable I get the error "Plugin 'Wwise' failed to load because module 'akaudio' could not be found." I made a blank project with the same plug-ins, but not using them in my project directly, only installed, and I'm not sure if unreal packages installed plug-ins regardless of them being referenced in the project itself. Regardless, still got the same exact issue. I'm not sure where to look to troubleshoot this problem, there are no errors in the out log of unreal during packaging, so I'm shooting blanks in the dark. I saw another post that changed some setting in build.cs in the Wwise source files, but I'm not entirely sure how to implement their solution. Anyone have any information on this issue?

**Also I've seen the need to have at least one c++ class implemented for rebuilding plugins in UE, but for the scope of my project it must remain blueprint only.
asked Dec 14, 2020 in General Discussion by Benjamin B. (120 points)
I did two things to fix this problem.

If you are indeed using Waapi for event based packaging, check to see if you initbank soundbank that gets auto-generated exists outside of the wwise folder that is created in your [project_name]/content folder inside the editor. If it is that could be an issue, even if it won't let you move it in manually from the editor, you'll have to do it in the file explorer.

Another potential fix, since it was a blueprints only project, simply creating a .cpp of a world settings in the file menu for unreal to change it from a blueprints to a cpp project, let me compile. When I switched it to a cpp project it moved my initbank to the correct location during packaging (bizarre). I've since found a workout for my project, I found a way to remote build on a mac so I no longer need a blueprints only project.

Also adding visual studio 2017, I was using 2019.

Hope this helps someone!

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