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Beta 2021.1 - Suggestions/ Questions: Unity WAAPI

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Thanks for testing out the Wwise 2021.1 Beta! Here are some resources to get you started and questions we've mapped for feedback.

WAAPI in Unity


  • Open the Wwise Authoring Application alongside the Unity Editor
  • In the Wwise Integration settings, ensure "Connect to Wwise" is enabled
  • Open the Wwise Picker window, set the data source to "Wwise Authoring" and expand the hierarchy
  • Make some modifications in Wwise, and observe them being reflected in real time in the Wwise Picker window in Unity
  • In Unity, right-click on an item in the Wwise Picker, and use the options available. Observe the changes being reflected in Wwise
  • Observe how the selected object is synchronized between both applications


  • Does the bidirectional interaction between Unity and Wwise feel natural?
  • Would you like for other functionality to be exposed to the context menu in the Wwise Project window?
  • Do the keyboard shortcuts for the new menu options make sense, or do they interfere with other shortcuts you may use in your Unity workflow?
  • Is there a reason you wouldn't want the WAAPI synchronization to be enabled?
  • Do events played by triggering them in the Wwise Picker sound the way you expected them to?
  • What wwise object property would you most like to be able to see in the wwise picker window?
  • If you plan on using WAAPI for communicating with the project outside of the picker, are the API functionalities exposed by AKWaapiUtilities sufficient?


asked Dec 18, 2020 in Beta Feedback by Damian K. (400 points)

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