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Beta 2021.1 - Suggestions/ Questions: Spatial Audio

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Thanks for testing out the Wwise 2021.1 Beta! Here are some resources to get you started and questions we've mapped for feedback.

Spatial Audio


  • If you are familiar with the spatial audio features provided by Wwise Authoring, we encourage you to check out the newly reorganized and improved Display Options in the Game Object 3D Viewer.


  • Create (or migrate a copy of) an Unreal Project that has been integrated with Wwise.
  • Reconfigure the Master Mixer Hierarchy to allow Audio Objects to reach the System Audio Device. (see above Object-based Audio section)
  • make sure your 3D View is in "realtime" mode

Unreal: Fit to Geometry

  • Create an AKSpatialAudioVolume within a level that includes geometry for player navigation. Enable the "Fit to Geometry" property within a room of your level and position using the different Fit to Geometry shapes.
  • Create an AKAcousticPortal within a level that includes an AKSpatialAudioVolume. Enable the "Fit to Geometry" property of the portal and position so the portal is touching the AKSpatialAudioVolume.

Unreal: Automatic Aux Bus Assignment

  • Create three Aux Busses with a Room Verb Effect on each Bus
  • In Unreal /Project Settings/ Wwise/ Integration Settings locate the Reverb Assignment Map
    • Define the Environmental Decay Aux Bus Map for the three Aux Busses
      • one with a value of 0.5
      • one with a value of 1
      • one with a value of 5
  • In Unreal place an AKSpatialAudioVolume actor in your scene
    • Extrude the size of the AKSpatialAudioVolume and notice the Decay value increase and Aux Bus assignement change in accordance with the size




  • Were you able to leverage the automation of these new workflows?


asked Dec 18, 2020 in Beta Feedback by Damian K. (400 points)

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