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[plugin dev] How to get attachable property in Mixer Plugin

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Dear Audiokinetic gurus,

I had my first try with the plugin dev for wwise using the template. I need to develop a versatile multichannel panner as mixer plugin to be used with the ASIO OUTPUT plugin. As a first step I would like to reproduce the CHANNEL ROUTER plugin.

For now now I am totally stuck with the parameter settings. I understood there are two "levels" : the "properties" defined to be used at the "Master-Mixer Hierarchy" level and the "attachable properties" defined to be used at the "Actor-Mixer hierarchy" level for each containter routed to the master or a sub.

So I define one "Property" and one "Attachable" in the XML. I also modified the two struct/classes "projetnameFXParams.cpp/.h" and "projectnameFXAttachmentParams.cpp/.h" to process to paramaters update with the "SetParam(...)" in each of them.

I log in the console when using my plugin, the two "SetParam(...)" methods are called and my parameters are updated in both FXParams and FXAttachmentParams struct/classes. So I think the "Authoring part" is OK.

However, I do not understand the "Plugin part". By default, with the template, there is only one pointer "m_pParams" defined in the "projectnameFX.cpp/.h" class of type "projectnameFXParams *", which is cast and assigned in the "Init(...)" method with the "AK::IAkPluginParam* in_pParams" argument.
I can read the values in the "m_pParams" object. No problem...

For getting attachable properties I simply try to change the type of "m_pParams" to "projectnameAttachmentParams *" and apply the right cast it in the "Init(...)" method (I am a bit naive). But this is not working. In the "ConsumeInput(...) method, the value of the parameter is always "0", meaning : it is not updated... Maybe because the "AK::IAkPluginParam* in_pParams" argument is only for the "properties" not the "attachables".

I can't find any help in the doc explaining exactly how it works for attachables. Could you please tell me where I'am wrong and how to get updated values of my attachables in the ConsumeInput(...) methods ?

Thanks for all ! Your tool and skd are the best !!

asked Jan 6, 2021 in General Discussion by Antoine G. (100 points)

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