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Event and voice cooldown feature request

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Current voice limiting options in Wwise are incomplete without adjustable voice cooldown (ie. don't play a new sound of this type unless a certain amount of time has passed.) Voice cooldown is a very handy feature for managing voices, and a default for most other audio middleware.

Furthermore, cooldown for events can be very efficient at managing events that are prone to be posted in quick succession (ie. cull this event if the same event was handled within the given cooldown time), and provides a flexible way for managing sound clutter.

Currently, to implement any type of cooldown, one has to use complex hacks that clutter the actor-mixer hierarchy, or impement a custom solution on the code side. Most other competitors have some type of built-in cooldown feature. Wwise should catch up on this area.
asked Jan 14 in Feature Requests by AudioCan (370 points)
edited Jan 21 by AudioCan
Yes, please Audiokinetic, make this for us... There are workarounds for single voices by voice limitation and silence etc, but for interactive music with transition points and several voices playing at the same time it just doesn't work out most of the time. Currently I have to ask programmers to deal with this.
Same here, it is so needed.
I use a workaround with sequence and silence when possible but if I need to playback limit at an higher level, this tricks doesn't work.
Yes, would be very handy! I use it all the time when working with FMOD
200 times yes
commenting with "skip delay" to improve SEO because that's what I would call this

3 Answers

+5 votes
I agree, I find it really strange that features like Delay and Probability are available at the Event level, but not something as basic as a cooldown
answered Jan 20 by Sebastien V. (250 points)
+4 votes
I agree 100 %. A playback cooldown function is something that's dearly missed!
answered Jan 21 by Toivo K. (220 points)
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Agree 100%. This would be very useful.
answered Oct 4 by Mark K. (140 points)