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Is pushing Wwise Unity Integration on github necessary

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Hi Audiokinetic community !


I've just started working on a Unity game using Github. Most of the game is already programmed and it's time to start adding my audio to it. I've installed the Wwise Unity Integration into my local Github repository for the game and my soundbank is ready for first testing by the whole team, who's very excited to start hearing the result.

I'm a bit bothered that by adding the Wwise Unity Integration, the repository more than tripled in size (from 400Mo when I cloned it to now almost 1.5Go with the whole Wwise Project & Wwise Integration.


I was wondering what part of what I added is necessary for us to keep collaborating on the project together. I know for sure that they don't need the whole Wwise project folder EXCEPT for the "GeneratedSoundbanks" folder, but I was wondering if I could avoid pushing the whole Wwise Integration API.

The way I see it, I shouldn't have to since I'm the only one handling the whole audio of the project. They can still check that I don't mess us any of the scripts since I will push those, but by not pushing the API, will that create conflicts in Unity on their side ?


I hope I was clear enough, let me know if I need to clarify anything in my question.


Thanks in advance for reading this and taking the time to answer if you can help.

asked Jan 16 in General Discussion by Mathieu M. (100 points)

1 Answer

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I don't really have an answer to it, but I'm facing exactly the same problem.

The Wwise Integration API itself is already much larger than I expected even without pushing the Wwise project folder to Github.

A "solution" I know is to decrease the number of platforms. If you and your team members are using PCs to develop the game, check only Windows as the deployment platform when integrating Wwise. So the size of that folder can be a bit smaller.
answered Jun 3 by David Z. (140 points)