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Reverb not working when using AkRoom component

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Hi there, I'm having some trouble getting reverb working with the AkRoom component in Unity.

I've added an Aux Bus to the component, and am sending a good amount of signal from the Actor-Mixer to the aux buses via Game-Defined Auxiliary sends. I'm getting no reverb whatsoever on the audio though.

I am getting reverb however when replacing the AkRoom with an AkEnvironment component (with the same aux bus), so I'm assuming it must be something specific to how the aux bus is set up in order for it to work with AkRoom. 

I've applied the Room Auxiliary Bus preset in Wwise to the aux bus, so the parameters on the bus should be setup correctly.

Hopefully somebody here might have experienced the same thing and have a solution for me.

I've uploaded a bunch of screenshots in this Dropbox folder so you can see how i've set it up. 

Any suggestions will be much appreciated!

Best regards,


Project specs: 

Unity 2019.4.12f1

Wwise 2019.2.6 Build 7381

asked Jan 19 in General Discussion by Simon P. (120 points)

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