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External Sources in Unreal without AkExternalMediaAssets

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We need to have a way of loading/playing external sources without having to import AkExternalMediaAssets. We should be able to just load the .wem files directly. With the current system, you absolutely must load the AkExternalMediaAsset in order to play a .wem file. The whole point of external sources is so you can have some of your sounds outside of any database, but by requiring a .uasset file for each external source, that defeats the purpose. Not only that, I can't even figure out how localization is supposed to work with this system. You can import assets for each .wem file, and that will import a single asset with multiple platforms, but what about languages? As far as I can tell, there's nothing there for languages. For future versions of Wwise Unreal integration, we could definitely use the option of just using a .wem file.
asked Jan 20 in Feature Requests by Eric C. (160 points)

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