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SoundEngine::Init asserts due to block alignment when allocating default mem pools on PS4

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I'm using Wwise v2014.1 build 5158

Here's the call stack:

  Popcorn4.11.elf!insert_free_block(pool_t* pool, block_header_t* block, int fl, int sl) Line 398 + 176 bytes C++
  Popcorn4.11.elf!block_insert(pool_t* pool, block_header_t* block) Line 422 + 19 bytes C++
  Popcorn4.11.elf!tlsf_create(void* mem, size_t bytes) Line 865 C++
  Popcorn4.11.elf!AK::MemoryMgr::CreatePool(void* in_pvMemAddress, AkUInt32 in_ulMemSize, AkUInt32 in_ulBlockSize, AkUInt32 in_eAttributes, AkUInt32 in_ulBlockAlign) Line 189 + 16 bytes C++
  Popcorn4.11.elf!AK::SoundEngine::CreateDefaultMemPools() Line 3955 + 87 bytes C++
  Popcorn4.11.elf!AK::SoundEngine::Init(AkInitSettings* in_pSettings, AkPlatformInitSettings* in_pPlatformSettings) Line 305 + 5 bytes C++
  Popcorn4.11.elf!WWiseSoundManager::Initialize(const char* pBankFilePrefix, uint32_t iMemPoolSize) Line 366 + 5 bytes C++

Assert text:

D:\Jenkins\workspace\Wwise_Daily\Wwise\SDK\source\SoundEngine\3rdParty\Common\tlsf\tlsf.cpp(399) : Assertion Failed (block_to_ptr(block) == align_ptr(block_to_ptr(block), ALIGN_SIZE) && "block not aligned properly") in function insert_free_block


D:\Jenkins\workspace\Wwise_Daily\Wwise\SDK\source\SoundEngine\3rdParty\Common\tlsf\tlsf.cpp(440) : Assertion Failed (block_to_ptr(remaining) == align_ptr(block_to_ptr(remaining), ALIGN_SIZE) && "remaining block not aligned properly") in function block_split

Does not appear to be recoverable.  Did I overlook some initialization values?


asked Nov 11, 2014 in General Discussion by Ian S. (100 points)

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