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Switching the Language in Game

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I have a doubt about the use of "Languages" in Wwise:
Can we switch between one language or another when we are in the game? If so, I can't find a way to do it.
Or are the languages reserved for Builds?

Also, if that is not possible in-game. Do you have any idea how to get there?

Thank you

Théophile Demarcq
asked Jan 27 in General Discussion by Théophile Demarcq - Music & Sound Design (710 points)
I raise this question again

In the game I'm working on, the default language is English and I would like when you press a button to switch the game to French.

Can this be done in-game with a Switch?
Should I reload the soundbank and restart the game? And if so, how ?

Has anyone been faced with this problem before and can help me or give me some leads to find?

Thank you

I noticed that if we changed the Startup Language in Unity it worked (after 2 reloads).

Is this where we have to dig to find the solution?

Is it with that? --->
AkSoundEngine.SetCurrentLanguage (newLangName)

Thank you

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