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Help ! Ue4 Wwise plugin issues when deploying game using a dedicated server

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Hello all!

We're aiming to have no dependency to the Wwise plugin on the server. But we encountered some issues when deploying our multiplayer game using a Dedicated Server after having updated our Wwise version to 2019.2.6.7381.1779.

Even if we don't trigger AnimNotify on server in our montages the AnimNotify_akEvent throws errors cause it misses the Wwise folder. However my understanding is that it should not be loaded in fact?

Secondly, we got a crash when unloading any map due to the GarbageCollector destroying AkAudioEvent.

UAkAudioEvent::BeginDestroy() [E:/workspace/corvus_main_playtest/Game/Plugins/Wwise/Source/AkAudio/Private/AkAudioEvent.cpp:425]

Maybe these two issues are related and you know exactly why we face this?

The Wwise plugin is disabled on server which is deployed on Linux. Should we enable it? In our opinion, we should keep it disabled.

Did we miss something on our setup?

Appreciate any help with this, thanks!

asked Jan 28 in General Discussion by Nick G. (120 points)

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