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Pitch breaks looping container with crossfade transition

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I'm facing a bug that surprises me, as I did not remeber to face something similar already. I'm using Wwise 2019.2.7 build 7402

I have a random container looping one or multiple sounds with Xfade transitions enabled (Amp or Power). I control it's pitch with a RTPC. When the pitch increases to quickly, it breaks the loop at the end of the current sound and wait a certain amount of time, silently, to play the next one. After that, if the RTPC has stop moving, it goes back to loop. This bug doesn't happens when I use other kind of transitions like sample accurate, or no transition at all.

Here is a video :

Is this a known issue, or am I doing it wrong ? Or could it be my CPU or something ? I'm trying to do some sort of engine sound, with pitch varying on speed, but the loop breaks everytime ! All of this happens in engine (Unreal) but happens as well in authoring software.


asked Feb 3, 2021 in General Discussion by Noé M. (190 points)
I still face this issue, could I be the only one ? It's really frustrating !

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