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Wwise 2019.1.4 on MacOS Big Sur

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I was going through the Wwise course material and had no issues with 101 and 201 using Wwise 2019.2.9. Now in 301 it recommends using Wwise 1.4 for compatibility with Unity, but unfortunately this doesn't seem to be an option for a MacOS Big Sur user. Wwise v2019.1.4 just closes as soon as it opens on my OS.

Would the best thing to do be upgrading both the WAG and Unity project?

asked Feb 10 in General Discussion by Ouch Mouse Studio (110 points)

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Hi Ouch Mouse Studio, 

Yes, Wwise 2019.1.4 does not work on either Catalina or Big Sur.

Instead, download the newest Wwise minor version related to (Wwise 2019.1.11) and use that to open it. 
* You don't need to upgrade the integration in WAG as the versions will be compatible. You just need a newer Authoring to run on your MacOS Big Sur.

Let me know if it works! 

answered Feb 19 by Mads Maretty S. (Audiokinetic) (11,290 points)
Thanks for the answer.

Ah, I should have tried that. I actually upgraded it to Wwise 2.9, I think I had to change one or lines of code in the unity scripts while it was converting. It worked fine except it didn’t show the attenuation spheres in the unity editor, I just used a work around for this though.

I may try it again with 2019.1.11
I thought that as 1.4 doesn’t work with Big Sur then 1.11 definitely wouldn’t, but I guess 1.11 is the LTS version that’s recommended?
Yes, 2019.2 needs a bit of tweaking in order to be usable. I would not suggest upgrading the major version (2019.1.x to 2019.2.x) and there's a couple of reasons why.  

1) There's been a lot of changes from 2019.1.11 to 2019.2.9, so the quiz/exam might ask you something you have no idea about or can't answer accurately because the feature looks different or simply has been reworked.

2) You may be able to fix the most obvious problems by looking in the console, but it's harder to find and fix those issues that do not appear as a script error - like a sound that is simply not getting played. That same sound might be something you need to listen for in an exercise. For the approved major version, we already tested each step-by-step exercise + much more.

That said, almost all of the teachings you'll get from Wwise-301 will be valid in today's use of the Wwise Unity Integration. The biggest differences will be in Wwise, and the changes in the Wwise Unity Integration is mainly things that make it easier for the user - like memory management.

Long story short, for Wwise-251 or Wwise-301, use the newest Wwise 2019.1 version.
Thanks a lot for the really detailed answer.