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Music Switch Container within a Switch Container: Double States & Switches

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Good evening :-)

I am setting up a new project and I want to not clutter my Wwise file too much. Therefore I wanted a "Parent" switch container to switch between the "Menu Music" and the other "Child" Switch containers assaigned to the differend levels within the game.

So far so good. But after setting it up and after creating a proper path for the "Parent Switch Container", it not only contains the State "Gameplay - Music" and the Switch between the Levels, but also all the different states and switches assignes to its "Child switch containers".  Is it possible to get rid of this and use the Parent switch container to just adress the child switch containers? I hope you can help me out with this! :-)

Thanks so much in advance,
asked Feb 12 in General Discussion by Michael F. (100 points)

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