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RTPC setting in UE4 4.26

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Hello, I'm trying to controlling some RTPC Values from UE4 4.26 Blueprints.

However, the "RTPC" area in "SetRTPCValue" node in UE4 4.26 requires to refer "Ak Rtpc Object".

(I expected all I need to do is typing the correct name of my RTPC value in string as some tutorials said so.)  

Anyone know how I can generate the "Ak Rtpc Object" that refers the correct RTPC in UE4 4.26?

Thanks in advance.
asked Mar 8 in General Discussion by Yuka O. (150 points)

1 Answer

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I just needed to expand the "SetRTPCValue" node and found the right area to type the RTPC name.


answered Mar 11 by Yuka O. (150 points)