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Wwise version 2019.1.9 not available for install in launcher

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I'm trying to install Wwise 2019.1.9.7221 for a project, however, when I try to find it in the Wwise Launcher, it only displays Wwise version 2019.1.4, 2019.1.10, and 2019.1.11. This has been tested on both mac and PC, and with a colleagues mac. I also cant find any way to install this version on the wwise website. Am I missing something? How do I go about installing this Wwise version?

I'm on MacOS Catalina.

Thank you!

asked Mar 17, 2021 in General Discussion by Lewis T. (160 points)

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Hi Lewis, 

Long story short, that version is no longer available in the Launcher, but if you desperately need it, you can contact Audiokinetic here

The slightly longer explanation
We always recommend using the newest minor version since it's fully compatible with older minor versions. 
For instance, you will still be able to generate SoundBanks with Wwise 2019.1.11, for a game using the Wwise 2019.1.4 Unity Integration. 
* The reason we still show 2019.1.10 is that Wwise 2019.1.11 was released to update platform SDK and support for UE4.26 at the cost of not having UE4 support on macOS. 

In light of this, we always stop showing every minor version release of Wwise 2019.1 as it's simply better to get the more recent minor release. The same thing happened to 2018.1 when we released Wwise 2019.2.
* The reason we still show 2019.1.4, is that the Wwise courses are currently based on that version. 

answered Mar 17, 2021 by Mads Maretty S. (Audiokinetic) (39,400 points)
edited Mar 17, 2021 by Mads Maretty S. (Audiokinetic)