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Issue with Ue4 Wwise integration

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I am trying to figure out why I keep on getting this error when I try to use Wwise for 4.26

LogAkAudio: Wwise(R) SDK Version 2021.1.0 Build 7575. Copyright (c) 2006-2021 Audiokinetic Inc.
LogAkAudio: Wwise plug-in DLL path: C:/Games/FallenStar/Plugins/Wwise/ThirdParty/x64_vc160/Profile/bin/
LogAkAudio: Wwise remote connection application name: FallenStar (Editor)
LogAkAudio: Wwise successfully initialized.
LogAkAudio: Error: Cannot open file: Init.bnk
LogAkAudio: Error: Bank Load Failed
LogAkAudio: Initialization complete.


Also I have one event called BackGround and when I try to play it from the editor i get these error:

Error        LogAkAudio           Event ID not found: 3650723969
Error        LogAkAudio           Failed posting event: BackGround
asked Mar 22 in General Discussion by Michael J. (100 points)

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