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SeekOnEvent Delay

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Hey Forum folks (and occasional AK team),

I'm working on a music game in Unity and am trying to use SeekOnEvent in a musical context, to repeat the prior 8th note in response to a specific gameplay event.  

The issue is that there's a noticeable delay between calling the method and it being rendered.  I can't tell if this is due to lookahead time; shrinking the buffer size doesn't help.

I'm also finding that SeekOnEvent doesn't snap to markers, even when that bool is set to true in calling the method.

Has anyone had experience with this?  The end goal is a beat-repeat or stutter effect, and I'm open to a plugin-based solution if I can get something more reliable and responsive.

asked Mar 26, 2021 in General Discussion by Corey B. (490 points)

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