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Does a spatialized audio-emitter that is far away still take CPU to process?

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Simple question but I couldn't find a specific answer. Lets say there is a campfire that is emitting a looping SFX, and it is using spatialization such that if you are more than 30 units away, it has 0 volume. If I am 40 units away, how is that campfire still using CPU? It must be continuing to calculate its distance to the Listener, and I assume that it would also continue keeping track of timing (where it currently is in the sfx loop). Is it also "processing" the sfx even though it isn't audible?

AKA if I had a scene with 100 campfires, and you're only near one at a time, can I just make them all trigger their Event to start their looping SFX? Or do I need to manually trigger their Event to start their SFX only when you are getting close, and then manually call Stop on their SFX when you move far away?

asked Mar 29 in General Discussion by James M. (170 points)

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