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Emitters not sorting priority by distance when global playback limit is reached

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We updated our version of WWise (to 2019.2.7) along with an update of our Unreal Engine version (to 4.25)  of our already existing project and integrated event based packaging. Along with that update something seems to have happened to the priority plackback when the global limit is reached on emitters. When the global limit is reached, there is a fixed set or physical voices (same amount as the limit) that don't change or update the priority when the player is moving around. Enabling diffraction makes the emitters start prioritizing correctly, or using emitters with automation. But in this case we just want to use emitters. This was not the case before the update, then everything worked fine.

Anyone that have any idea what might have gone missing or what might have changed or should be changed feel free to respond.

asked Mar 30 in General Discussion by Emil G. (100 points)

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