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New UE4 project and new wwise project

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We have the demos able to communicate with one another and edit and change things respectively in there with no problem.

I am trying to get a new UE4 project to connect with either a new wwise project or the existing wwise demo project. According to your chm we are supposed to go to defaultgame.ini to set this up. I went there and found said file in a newly created UE4 project (yes it was the wwise ver the ak events are still all there etc).


I then put in my own custom URL. THis did not work, I tried puttin in the demo URL and that would not work either. My programmer and I then also looked for the fplatform processor, it was not in the URL you had given, we could not find it. We then thought to build/rebuild that level because maybe saving the URL was not good enough. That still did not work. The only main difference between the projects is that the wwise demo has a and ours did not come with one. So we tried making our own with just replacing the name with our own project to see if that would help. Yet to no avail.


It would be really REALLY nice if when you built a new UE4 project that you could go into settings and set the new wwise project. Which yes we did scour through all the preferences etc to see if there is anything different from your project to ours, or anything like that. The chm is very vague, it assumes we are all programmers unfortunately even my programmer had a hard time understanding it. Please I'm sure it is something really small but I would like to get this to work.



p.s. it really really sucks that if you do not have the right kind of license you cannot contact customer support directly and you have to wait here, sometimes not getting an answer at all.

asked Nov 24, 2014 in General Discussion by Robert M. (4,630 points)

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