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I can't play Wwise Audio input [closed]

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I'm trying to use Wwise, but I'm stuck in the wall.

So I'm looking for help.


Question 1:


I want to use Mic input, so I added "Wwise Audio Input" in the Wwise program as I saw in the manual, as below.

Select Act-Mixer Hierarchy -> Select Default Work Unit -> Create new Sound SFX -> Click Add Source -> Select Wwise Audio Input

(Manual I referred to :


After this, the manual says that Transport Control can play it.

However when I press play, the buttons(play, stop, pause, add Source) blinks once and there is no response.

What should I check to make it play?


FYI, the microphone is definitely connected.

(The microphone is recognized in Unity Microphone class, just like any other program)


Question 2:


I'm trying to create a game that needs to be processed in real time by receiving microphone input.

However, when using Unity's Microphone class without Wwise, a android device generates a latency of almost a second.

(Record and realtime playback latency)

If I use Wwise, Can I reduce this latency?

(That's why I'm trying to use Wwise)




I look forward to your insight.

Thank you.
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