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Media files not generated with Event Based Packaging workflow UE 4.26 + Wwise 2021

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Attempted an integration of 2021.1.1.7601 with UE 4.26 to see some of the new features.
With event based packaging enabled, it seems that the "Media" folder and the media files are not being generated when building sound data.
Attempting to post any event in game or play wwise audio in editor results in the " Media was not loaded for this source" error in the output log.

Using a fresh UE4 and Wwise project, no previous migration was performed.
Everything appears to be setup correctly so I'm uncertain as to what the issue is.

Any help would be appreciated!

asked Apr 20, 2021 in General Discussion by Alec Brady (700 points)
Any chance you found a solution for this? QA seems to be riddled with similar issues resulting in media not loading errors. Event Based Packaging seems like a good idea but does not seem like it's ready for full production... Thinking about switching our project back to old Soundbanks. Thanks!

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