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Unexpected volume reduction when voice is regarded as "below threshold"

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I set my project's volume threshold to -30 to send some unnecessary SFX to virtual list. However, I don't want this setting to affect my music section. Therefore, I set the Virtual Voice Settings of my music switch container to 'Continue to play'.
At the same time, there is a RTPC for the users to control the volume of music.
The problem is: when the user move their slider to this point (close to the left end but still have some space). The volume of music will suddenly be reduced to -infinite.  Seems the volume threshold setting does not allow high threshold in this way. I couldn't find anything in the documentation about this problem. Is there a way to avoid voice reduction when the voice is regarded as 'under threshold'? It would be great if there are relative documentation & best practice contents added.
asked Apr 26 in General Discussion by Jeannette (110 points)

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