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Audiokinetic event can't be heard after playing and stopping in Unreal Engine 4 Editor

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I have a curious issue at the moment with Wwise and Unreal Engine 4. When I open my project, then right click on any of my audiokinetic event in my editor, then click "Play Event", it works just fine. But, after that, if I hit Play (to play the game) in the editor, then Stop, and I try to right-click on any of my audiokinetic event and click "Play Event", I won't hear anything anymore, and that issue will stay until I close the engine and reopen the project, which is a really big annoyance.

By doing some tests, it seems that it really is that sequence of events that triggers the issue, because when I open my project and I DON'T try to ''Play Event'' an audiokinetic event, just start playing the game in the editor, then stopping it, and then I try to ''Play Event'', I hear it. And then if I play the game in the editor again, then stop, and try again to ''Play Event'', the issue is there and I won't here it until I restart the engine.

Let me know if you have questions!

Thank you!
asked Apr 27 in General Discussion by Maxime V. (100 points)

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