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Customize audio device by code ?

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Hi everyone,


I'm currently trying to make a UI inside Unreal which allow the user to select its outputs settings. By example, inside "Days Gone", we can directly set if we have à Stereo, 5.1 or 7.1 speaker setup.

I want to do the same but also add a "Dolby Atmos" configuration. As my game will have this feature.

And of course, the best would be to do that without restarting the game or so (if I further need to deploy on Xbox)


Apparently, we need to specify AkPlatformInitSettings::bEnableSpatialAudio but it seems that there is nothing inside it. Besides, after calling the AK::SoundEngine::Init, can we reset it ? The Wwise application can update the Main Mix Channel Configuration so I think we also can on Unreal, no ? Maybe by using Ak::SoundEngine::ReplaceOutput ? 

Sorry, maybe a silly question ^^ I just started it this weekend 


Best regards everyone,



asked May 2 in General Discussion by Alexandre M. (100 points)

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