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Why isn't converting files for optimization working and changing blue filenames to white?

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In Wwise (2019.2.11.7512), I'm following along this video on Optimizing Memory Usage.

I'm tryin to optimize the audio files used in my Soundbank. I've followed all the steps in the video, but when it comes to converting files from PCM to Vorbis in the Conversions Settings Editor, nothing happens when I click ok. I don't see any progress bar, and the file names don't change from white to blue. 

To clarify the steps I'm referring to, it's these ones, starting at 6:27 in the video:

I've also tried the steps in the online Wwise 101 lesson, which are basically the same:

Any thoughts on what I can try?

Help appreciated!


asked May 5, 2021 in General Discussion by Pietro S. (140 points)
I am also in the same boat on this one.   There are random files that seem to not convert when I make the attempt.  An interesting thing is if I move a file that won't convert from, say a random container directly into an Actor-Mixer, it converts.   But this is very random.   

I've verified I'm using Windows / All languages, have cleared my cache, selected convert all, generated all banks.   Nothing seems to convert these files to the Vorbis setting that I have.    

I have also tried different Vorbis settings and configurations to no avail.

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Hey Pietro,

If the names are still white when you switch to vorbis, it means that they have already been converted. Otherwise, try going to Menu > Project > Clear Audio File Cache > All Converted Files. Once doing so, everything should now become blue again and you can try the same process.

Let us know if this helps
answered May 5, 2021 by Mads Maretty S. (Audiokinetic) (39,400 points)
selected Oct 29, 2021 by Mads Maretty S. (Audiokinetic)
I'm so sorry, I messed up my original post. I mean to say that the file names do not change from blue to white. I cannot get them to do so. Does this change your response?

Also, I have indeed tried clearing audio file cache.

Thanks for taking the time to respond!
If it doesn't change from blue to white, then I would check to see if you've selected the correct platform (even though that should not be a problem with 101). If you don't see any progress bar, I would try resetting to factory layouts or try to convert everything by generating SoundBanks instead.
If that doesn't work, please record the issue you have and send us a link and I'll see if we can reproduce it.
I had this exact same problem but I found a solution (or a cause if you will). For some reason my wwise project was set to Mac instead of Windows (I have windows) in the top left hand corner just below all the tabs. As soon as I changed it to windows all the files converted!!! Hope this helps
p.s honestly have no idea though why it was checked to Mac in the first place, possibly i accidentally clicked it at some point?
I choose the mac as well(I only choose Windows before)  and it works.