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I Cant drag Wwise events into Unreal 3

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I have Wwise integrated properly and have been developing with Unreal successfully for a while. I had to install my build into two new computers and ever since I got synced up, I cant add any Wwise events to any of my unreal packages. I have tried creating new packages as well, but when I drag an event it just give me a circle with a line through it. Currently, I need another team member to drag the events into the Unreal Packages and commit for me. Any idea on what would block the events from being brought into the content browser?


asked Nov 26, 2014 in General Discussion by Tom T. (330 points)
I found a workaround, in case anyone else runs into this same issue. So long as you Generate your SoundBanks you can just create an AKEvent in your Unreal package and name it the same as the AKEvent in the SoundBank. Not as fast as the dragging method, but it works just fine.

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This may seem like a silly answer- but have you made sure you're dragging events, not audio objects?
answered Dec 10, 2014 by Richard Goulet (5,380 points)