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Setting Switch Groups via Post Event At Location (Blueprint)

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Currently, the only way to set a switch group is by giving the actor as an argument (while also assuming that actor has an akcomponent on its root component). This method works but is far from ideal.

We've been attempting to do footstep sounds by passing the surface type to a switch group. This would work when we attached/created an akcomponent on the actor itself using PostEvent, but this isn't what we would want. Rather, we would like to just have the sounds created at a location and played. We tried using PostEventAtLocation, but this doesn't work alongside SetSwitch, as we can not reference an actor that does not exist.

Ideally, we would like to maybe have options on the PostEventAtLocation (and maybe all PostEvents) that would allow for the SwitchGroup and SwitchState to be supplied at the node.

Do you guys have any plans to reveal more arguments (related to switches) PostEventAtLocation function? Or do you have any advice on a better way to use Blueprint with switch containers and surface types?



[EDIT] Here are better ideas of what I mean.

- The Sound Group Property types in Wwise.

- The Physcal Material names in UE4 (match switch groups in Wwise).

- Debug print showing physical material the player is touching

- another Debug

- Blueprint I wrote (are there plans to reveal Switch Group and Switch State in Post Event at Location, or do I need to add it myself to the source?)

asked Nov 28, 2014 in General Discussion by Daemonion (190 points)
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Hello everyone :) We have exactly the same problem. Does anyone know why a PostEvent works and not a PostEventAtLocation when connected to a SetSwitch? It's really annoying, because with a PostEvent, footsteps can works with just a single player, with a PostEventAtLocation this should theoretically works for a multiplayer game.
Please HELP

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The links you pasted are invalid. Have you solved this problem? If so, could you give me some advices? Thanks in advance ;-)
answered May 7, 2021 by MR H. (290 points)