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Event not moving along with the actor.

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I have solved this problem, but in case someone else encounter it:

So.. If you want to attach your sound event to dynamic object (like player ship or elevator platform in my case) what you want to do is use Post Ak Event instead of Post Event. That way you can just drag and drop your wwise event to the blueprint, parent it to any object in blueprint you want it move along with, then use that Ak Component. Connect it to Post Ak Event Target. Then get Ak Event from it and connect to Ak Event input. And that's done. 

That way you attach post ak event to an Ak Component, which is parented to component inside your blueprint and it will move along with it.


Hey guys!

I just started to move my project to Wwise and encounter some problem I can't figure out. 

I have couple of events. One is looped and begin playing as soon as I pressing the button on left console (you can hear some devices starting to humming). And second - elevator platform sound. So.. Both of them sound just fine in Wwise, but in the game they behave wierdly. Elevator starting to move up, event starting to playing. At that time you hear two events (devices and elevator). But then devices event stops and elevator sound like HP filter is cutting the sound, then brings it back. What's it about? Can you point in right direction please? I don't have any LFO or enveloped on this events in Wwise. And, ones again, it sound just fine in Wwise., but not in the game... 

I'm using Post Event to trigger events from blueprint. - here's video to illustrate the problem.



I figured out the core of the problem. Seems like the event is spawning at current location of an actor and not moving along with it. And I just leave event area and can't hear it anymore. Same thing happens with any ship sound. It spawn at current location and stays  there. And as soon as player leaves hangar - there's no sound anymore at all.

So how can I attach the event to dynamic object? 



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Did you solve it?
answered Nov 16, 2021 by 사무엘 (140 points)