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Unity Integration: Trying to create realistic (audio) dialogue with Attenuation but no success - any ideas?

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Hi guys,

I'm creating a project with Wwise and Unity integrated.

I'm trying to create some 'ambient' dialogue coming from NPCs in game so that they are just going about their days and the player happens to come across their conversations. I want the dialogue to trigger when the player comes into range, and to be spatially fixed to the NPC so that when the player moves, the dialogue gets quieter and pans etc as it would in real life when hearing someone talk while you moved past them.

I have currently got the following set up on my NPC Game Object: 

Sphere Collider - (set to "Is Trigger" for triggering dialogue when main character gets near) with a radius of 10

AkBank - Load on: AkTriggerEnter - Unload on: AkTriggerExit - Asynchronous: no - Decode compressed data: no - Name: Dialogue 

AkAmbient - Trigger on: AkTriggerEnter - Use Other Object: no - Action on Event: no - Use Callback: no Position type: Simple_Mode Show Attenuation Sphere: Current_Event_Only Name: Jam_Donut_Laughing_Dialogue (lol)

Ak Trigger Enter (Script) - Script: AkTriggerEnter - Trigger Object: FPSController

Ak Trigger Exit (Script) - Script: AkTriggerExit - Trigger Object: FPSController

AkGameObj - Apply Position Offset: no - Environment Aware: Yes - Use Default Listeners: Yes


So far as I can tell, I have everything set up correctly, (I can more or less verify this because I have torches throughout the level which are set up with the same Attenuation ShareSet and work perfectly, they pan/react positionally based on where the player camera moves.) however when I go into play mode, the dialogue event I've set up triggers when the player gets close and disengages when they leave as intended, but the audio just follows the main camera and doesn't seem to be attached to the NPC whatsoever. Can anyone shed any light on this? I'm new to both Unity and Wwise and am finding myself troubleshooting more than actually doing any work!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Many thanks

asked May 25, 2021 in General Discussion by Matthew T. (110 points)

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