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How to set a State without transitioning to it?

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I'm using states in my game to modify the soundscape on an island. So if you go to the mountain, it becomes windier and so on.

I've set up the fades between the states and the transitions sound excellent for normal navigation on the island. 

However, if you warp from one place to another, they don't sound so good. In that case, I'd prefer, not to have the transitions and just to make a sudden shift instead (combined with warp-soundeffect).

So is it possible to set a new state without having the transition triggered?

I'm working in Unity and using the AkSoundEngine.SetState(string in_pszStateGroup, string in_pszState) to trigger the state change.

Any help would be very valued! 

asked Jun 1, 2021 in General Discussion by Gizmo (170 points)

1 Answer

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Maybe try creating an additional "warp" state which could be triggered in between the locations when warping.  Set quick transition time, masked with the warp-sfx, followed by the new location state.
answered Jun 2, 2021 by Monty M. (2,650 points)