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Orientation of listener (rotation on x-axis) for calculation of 3D sound (Unity)

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Dear community,

I've been playing around with Wwise since few weeks, testing different plug-ins as well as the standard Unity sound as a pre-project for my upcoming master thesis.

Therefore, I've created an example project, where I have a character controller with an attached AkAudioListener script (which I attached to the camera of the character controller to simulate the movement of the head too) and a cube, floating around while emitting sound.

When I'm listening to the scene in Unity through Wwise and the AstoundSound plug-in of GenAudio, I feel (hear) that the calculations are done correctly. When I move the camera towards the cube, it seems that the cube is in front of me. However, when I move the mouse upwards it appears that the cube is under myself, and vice versa.

When I'm doing the same actions through Wwise without an activated plug-in or Wwise with activated Auro-3D plugin, I do not get this effect. It seems like the orientation of the listener (rotation on x-axis) is not taken into account, the sound is not changing while moving the mouse up- or downwards; it stays the same. Am I missing any special configuration for getting the effect in Wwise with and without Auro-3D plug-in? I'm somehow confused because it works with AstoundSound out of the box.

I hope you understand my issue, otherwise I may upload a video demonstrating it.

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards from Austria,

asked Nov 29, 2014 in General Discussion by Michael U. (160 points)

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