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Music sub-track transition segments

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Say we have a basic layered piece of music with two layers: 
a) exploration layer
b) combat layer
The combat layer is on a switch track in order to fade in/out with a switch that is mapped to an RTPC.
Additionally we have a FILL to be played simultaneously with this change to mask the fade.
The result would look something like this:

There are current limitations for transitions on sub-tracks. 
1) There is only ONE transition available. You can't add a transition with different source/destination.  This seems like an arbitrary limitation and should be allowed.
2) You can't choose a TRANSITION SEGMENT.  This seems like an oversight as well.  Why wouldn't you want to allow a transition segment between sub-tracks?

That's my WISH however.  The ability to specify a "transition segment" for the transition between sub-tracks would allow us coordinate the appropriate behavior of the fills.


asked Jun 2, 2021 in Feature Requests by Monty M. (2,590 points)

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The workaround is creating two playlist, one with the exploration layer and one with both layers. You then set the transition between the two to Same Time As Playing Segment. (That being said, it would be great for the sub-track system to be more versatile)
answered Oct 2, 2021 by Nikola Viel [Vibe Avenue] (1,600 points)
selected Oct 4, 2021 by Monty M.
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That's a fantanstic solution, N.V.! Thanks for responding with a workaround. Works great!

Although I have playlists with many randomized segments so it requires a bit more legwork to setup a bunch of specific transitions from segment ## to jump to corresponding segment ##.  Definitely doable but tedious on a large scale.  

I'm currently hacking it by tracking the same RTPC and posting an event to trigger a stinger at the same time as the fade transition.  It's handy for assigning different sets of stingers per playlist if needed.
answered Oct 4, 2021 by Monty M. (2,590 points)